Ten to zen


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Calm your mind and alleviate stress in just ten minutes a day, for clearer thinking and a happier life.



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What the critics say

We pay so much attention to looking after our bodies and often neglect our minds. This book offers you the perfect mind workout in just ten minutes a day - it's an essential! Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes Broken in small, approachable chunks, aiming to let even the most frenzied mind make a start...with a goal of getting us to clear our mindset and calm our emotions once a day. Alexandra Heminsley, Grazia This little book is a simple way into the art of clearing your mind in ten minutes flat. We highly recommend it as a way to retrain your brain. Take a leaf out of [this] book and make 2019 a calmer place to be. Fit & Well I've never been able to quieten my mind, but this book has helped me do just that! It's packed with wisdom, time efficient techniques and rich experience that really will make a difference to your day and your life. Fantastic read that will benefit absolutely anyone who picks up the book. No matter how busy their brain is! Kate Thornton When it comes to mental health, I suspect that all quick-fixes are bogus so am usually a sceptic of the self-help genre. Owen O'Kane's book is a proud exception.Ten to Zen is clearly a work written by a serious clinician. It is not about providing some sort of perfect path to inner peace, rather it is an honest, eloquent, no-nonsense set of easy-to-use strategies for anybody seeking to find a way of improving their mental and emotional well being. I thoroughly recommended it. Robert Rinder Owen offers a unique, fresh perspective and has created a valuable, time efficient toolkit for absolutely anyone looking to improve their mental wellbeing. Definitely worth a read. Dr Angharad Ruttley, Consultant Psychiatrist and NHS Clinical Director Non-intimidating advice and easy exercises to help you control the way you think. The Scotsman Simple 10-minute process to inner peace in a new book loved by stressed-out celebs. Daily Mail A highly practical workout for busy minds - in 10-minute bursts - from this NHS mental health service practitioner. Guardian