Tiger Woods


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The most comprehensive biography of global sporting icon Tiger Woods.



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What the critics say

'An admirable piece of reporting...a rattling read, taking us through the most dramatic rise and fall of perhaps any sportsman in history. Superbly written.' Daily Mail - Derek Lawrenson 'This meticulous, dogged, thorough re-examination of his life suggests there was more to Woods than met the eye... There are many more anecdotes in this pacey, unyielding book that make you squirm as you read them.' Mail on Sunday - Jim White 'All the grisly details are here...a professionally executed, admirably even-toned biography whose only fault may prove to be in arriving a few chapters early.' The Times - Giles Smith 'Arguably the most serious attempt ever made to get behind golf's great enigma, taking a meticulously investigative approach to his fall from grace.' Guardian - Emma John 'A superb read' Paul Kimmage 'Magnificent' Michael Calvin 'A portrait more complete than any that have come before' Sunday Times - David Walsh 'As forensic an analysis of the golfer's life and times as has ever been on the shelves in Tiger Woods . Detail of Woods's infidelity is striking, tales such as how his father remains in an unmarked grave and first girlfriend was ruthlessly cut off from the emerging icon desperately sad.' Observer - Ewan Murray 'I found it exhilarating, depressing, tawdry and moving in almost equal measure...There is beauty and awe in this perfectly pitched biography, as we watch Woods's skills blossom...This intense book gives us Woods's almost mythical rise and fall. It has torque and velocity, even when all of Woods's shots, on the course and off it, begin heading for the weeds.' New York Times - Dwight Garner 'As realistic and compelling a third-person portrait as we're likely to get. Highly recommend.' Mark Eglinton 'A scathing and vivid re-examination of the double life of a serial philanderer, sex addict and liar who was also once a revered athlete and the wealthiest sportsman in the world.' Mail on Sunday, Sports Books of the Year 'For most of his life, Tiger Woods has remained an enigma, hiding in full view... which is why the American sports writers Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian deserve our appreciation and plaudits for their mighty work, Tiger Woods ... with their exhaustive research, they left nothing to chance. They cut through a forest of false trails and road blocks, gathering together testimonies on and off the record from scores of people to provide as comprehensive a view of Tiger as anyone could manage.' Observer - Kevin Mitchell 'This scrupulously researched biography chronologically details the life of a man who many believe is the greatest golfer to have ever lived and it reads as a poetic encyclopedia... This factual, critical and thought-provoking account covers Wood's life on and off the course. It is arguably impossible to empathise with Woods.But this account goes a long way to helping you understand him.' Daily Express - Adam Powers 'With the rigour that marks the best American journalistic traditions...[Tiger's] career chronicled and his flaws laid bare.' Sunday Times, Sports Books of the Year 'Another triumph of old-school reporting... to reveal a largely unflattering picture of the greatest golfer of our age - although given what they also reveal about Woods's upbringing you can't help feeling some sympathy for him as well.' Observer - Sean Ingle 'An exhaustive account...of his incredible rise, fall and rise again.' Metro, Top 30 Sports Books of the Last 30 Years - David Gurney 'An ambitious 360-degree portrait of golf's most scrutinised figure...it is a book brimming with revealing details about Woods' unique background. The real achievement in Tiger Woods is...in describing how Woods became who he is - uniquely gifted, widely admired, but also emotionally stunted by his parents. The book features fresh reporting on almost every significant element of Woods' story.' Golf Digest - Sam Weinman