The fearless five



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We didn't know what we were doing. We had no idea what we were up against. And we made a really big mess. And it was the saddest, scariest, weirdest, time in my life but it was also the best fun I ever had. And it started here. Jeremy, Jonny, Walker, Sumo and Charlie are about to have the summer of their lives. They've all just finished primary school and are looking forward to weeks of holiday freedom before they head off to their new schools. But they soon realise it's not all going to be riding their bikes, making rope swings in the woods and climbing trees. Jonny's mum is ill, really ill - and Jeremy decides there is only one way to save her. A way that might just involve a robbery. And by the end of it all - or perhaps somewhere in the middle - they will be The Fearless Five. And this will be a summer they will never, ever forget.



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Funny and sad and wonderful ... I adored every last word Derek Landy, author of SKULLDUGGERY PLEASANT For readers who enjoyed David Walliams' Bad Dad there's a new gang of thieves in town and this time they're children. Never shying away from the realities of life - one of the children's mums is very ill and they have turned to crime to try and save her - McPartlin's plot cracks along at break-neck speed, with zippy dialogue and lovable rogue characters. Most of all this book has real heart. Sarah Webb