The education of an idealist


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THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER'Samantha Power is a Pulitzer winner, an incredible writer, and a great friend. Her memoir grapples with the balance between idealism, pragmatism, advocacy, and governancy. It's a must read for anyone who cares about our role in a changing world.' Barack Obama



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A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2019 'Honest, personal, revealing.' Colm Tóibín 'Uniquely personal and absorbing . A riveting fly-on-the wall insight into the Obama administration's foreign-policy decision-making.' The Irish Times 'This is a wonderful book. It's an unusual combination of autobiography, diplomatic history, moral argument and manual on how to breast-feed a child with one hand while talking to Secretary of State John Kerry on a cell phone with the other. The interweaving of Power's personal story, family story, diplomatic history and moral arguments is executed seamlessly - and with unblinking honesty.' New York Times Book Review 'Engaging . Power's memoir is an insider's account of foreign-policy-making, and an intensely personal one.' Economist 'Power is a master story-teller . A brilliant self-portrait of an outsider turned insider, who is forced to grapple with the challenges that brings, and does so honestly.'Independent (Ireland) 'Lively . And strikingly personal .[Power] writes vividly and lucidly here about her turn in the international spotlight.' Vogue 'A uniquely personal and absorbing account.Power's book gives a riveting fly-on-the wall insight into the Obama administration's foreign-policy decision-making and the inner workings of the United Nations. Irish Times 'This is a tale of lofty dreams versus brutish forces, and in Power's telling, the underdog wins' Irish Independent 'Samantha Power's book is honest, personal, revealing. It is about the development of a young woman's inner strength and self-knowledge. But it is also a political book, alert to both the power of political will and its limitations. Colm Tóibín 'Absorbing, heartfelt, and remarkably candid about the challenges she faced in reconciling her passion for human rights with the realities of governing.' Madeleine Albright