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Long recognised as perhaps the greatest non-fiction writer at work in Ireland for his vast, polymathic accounts of nature and culture in the Aran Islands and Connermara, Tim Robinson is also an essayist of genius whose fascinations range across the globe. In 'Experiments on Reality', he shines the light on his own life, and on some of the most fascinating questions in science and culture.

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What the critics say

One of the greatest of all landscape writers ... When the material world is brought forth for us so beautifully, with such rapt attention and illuminating insight, we are reminded of how lucky we are to be part of it Irish Times - Fintan O'Toole Many landscape writers have striven to give their prose the characteristics of the terrain they are describing. Few have succeeded as fully as Robinson Guardian In this slim volume of essays, typically lyrical and measured, Robinson burgles the bank of his youth in Wharfedale and later years, including National Service in Malaysia and his time as an artist in Istanbul, Vienna and London, to map out the topography of his own thoughts and travels. RTÉ Guide Robinson is a stylist of exceptional cadence, tact and ingenuity Daily Telegraph He is that rarest of phenomena, a scientist and an artist, and his method is to combine scientific rigour with artistic reverie in a seamless blend that both informs and delights Guardian One of contemporary Ireland's finest literary stylists Guardian Experiments on Reality offers another side to Robinson. The abstract and algebraic thinking of his early years as both a mathematician and artist bubble back to the surface and meld with the mossy scents of Connacht and the reflections of age Sunday Independent Dazzling Condé Nast Traveller Tim Robinson is the Proust of the western seaboard, a Ruskin of the isles New Stateman He knows this world as no one else does, and writes about it with awe and love, but also with measured grace, an artist's eye and a scientist's sensibility Sunday Business Post Breathtaking ... the West of Ireland has found its ultimate laureate TLS Simply one of the best non-fiction prose writers currently at work Irish Times