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This novel follows the blunt, contradictory yet deeply loveable Olive Kitteridge as she grows older, navigating the second half of her life as she comes to terms with the changes - sometimes welcome, sometimes not - in her own existence and in those around her. Olive adjusts to her new life with her second husband, challenges her estranged son and his family to accept him, experiences loss and loneliness, witnesses the triumphs and heartbreaks of her friends and neighbours in the small coastal town of Crosby, Maine - and, finally, opens herself to new lessons about life.



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What the critics say

A powerful storyteller immersed in the nuances of human relationships Observer Strout really can write you into a world until you feel you are there with her, in that house, that life, that little Podunk of a place The Times Elizabeth Strout's prose is like words doing jazz Rachel Joyce Strout, always good, just keeps getting better Vogue A writer at the peak of her powers Literary Review A superbly gifted storyteller and a craftswoman in a league of her own. In Olive, Again , she teaches us that there is always more to know about human beings, even the ones we are closest to. Hilary Mantel It's hard to believe that a year after the astonishing My Name Is Lucy Barton Elizabeth Strout could bring us another book that is by every measure its equal, but what Strout proves to us again and again is that where she's concerned, anything is possible. This book, this writer, are magnificent. Ann Patchett on 'Anything is Possible' Strout animates the ordinary with astonishing force New Yorker There's no simple truth about human existence, Strout reminds us, only wonderful, painful complexity. 'Well, that's life,' Olive says. 'Nothing you can do about it.' Beautifully written and alive with compassion, at times almost unbearably poignant. A thrilling book in every way. Kirkus Reviews (starred review) She gets better with each book Maggie O'Farrell Strout again demonstrates her gift for zeroing in on ordinary moments in the lives of ordinary people to highlight their extraordinary resilience Publishers Weekly, starred review Her writing is exquisite; her vision is boundless. What a sublime book. Rachel Joyce A novel to treasure... Olive, Again , like Strout's first book, delivers roughly five hours of spine-tingling pleasure. There is plenty of sadness in her characters' lives, but there's also something quite intoxicating, almost enjoyable about their heartache. Refreshing in its honesty, it's a book that never strays from the deepest concerns of the heart. Sunday Times Glorious The Times A perfect novel Financial Times In Olive Kitteridge, Strout has created one of those rare characters...so vivid and humorous they seems to take on a life independent of the story framing them Guardian Elizabeth Strout is... one of the undisputed heavyweights of generous, clear-eyed domestic realism Daily Mail Olive, Again is a tour de force. With extraordinary economy of prose - few writers can pack so much emotion, so much emotion, so much detail into a single paragraph - Strout immerses us in the lives of her characters, each so authentically drawn as to be deserving of an entire novel themselves. Compassionate, masterly and profound, this is a writer at the height of her powers Observer Emotionally honest, psychologically piercing and ultimately life-affirming The i A special, precious book...full of hope and humanity Red Funny, sad, tender and truthful, this is pure joy Stylist