Terms and Conditions of Supply

Credit and Payment
  • Unless otherwise agreed, any grant of credit facilities is made on condition that payment is made by direct debit through your bank within 28 days of the end of the month in which the invoice is issued. Eason & Son Ltd or Eason & Son (NI) Ltd, hereinafter called the Company, reserves the right to withdraw credit facilities if this condition is not observed.
  • Overdue accounts are liable to interest charges in line with legislation.
  • Transfer or sale of your business will not be recognized by the Company unless all outstanding accounts are paid; fourteen days notice in writing of the proposed transfer is given; and the new owner completes an application for supplies which is acceptable to the Company.
  • Queries relating to an invoice (or credit note) must be made within 7 days of the invoice date and sent to the trading department concerned.

  • Title and Risk
  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Company retains the title to all products supplied by them as set out in this invoice, until payment of this invoice by the customer has been received.
  • The customer has the right to sell the products which are the property of the Company by virtue of this clause but in the event of such re-sale to an associated company as hereinafter defined, the customer shall give notice to the title of the Company in the products and their rights under this clause to such associated company.
  • In the event of a breach of the credit terms referred to in Clause 1 above, the Company reserves the right to enter the customer’s premises or the premises of an associated company and recover the merchandise which is the property of the Company by virtue of this clause.

  • In this clause, an “associated company” shall mean a company which is the holding company or subsidiary company of the customer company or any subsidiary company or holding company; “subsidiary company” and “holding company” to have the meaning attributed to them by the relevant section(s) of the Companies Act(s).

  • Suggested retail prices are for guidance only. Retail price is a matter to be decided by each customer.
  • Non-payment or partial-payment of the account when due will lead to a discontinuation of supplies.
  • Acceptance of supplies will constitute evidence of the agreement to these conditions.

  • Returns
    Before books can be returned, they must be authorised by the Company. The invoice number relating to the original charging of the goods must be quoted. (Returnable books become firm sale 12 months after purchase). All Stationery and associated products are sold firm sale.
    N.B. Books with a status flag of “F/S” are sold Firm Sale.